pink lovers:how is sorbet compared to pale magenta?

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  1. hi gals:nuts: ...i just received my sorbet pencil from Erica:heart: i love this colour to is so fresh and it reminds me a spring flower :love:

    i am coveting a sorbet city,but i am curious to see the difference between pale magenta/sorbet:graucho:

    please show me some comparison if you have both colours .:drool:
  2. Oh, she's in lurve :woohoo::biggrin:
    So glad you're loveing Sorbet. It really is a beautiful colour.

    I'd be interested in seeing those comparison pics as well.
  3. In a pinkish mood, are we bella:graucho: Can't blame you, love your little Sorbet Pencil!
    I only have a Pale Magenta CP. Here is pic of it, even though is not a comparison pic it might be helpful anyway.


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  4. lol ...yes i am usually not a fan of pink bags on me but this sorbet is so yummi:drool:..let's see side by side p&p

    [​IMG][​IMG] uhmm compared to your cute cp ,seems that pale magenta has more purple in it:heart: btw they are both so delicious!!!
  5. chloe, ITA, not a pink person either but I love pink Bal accesorizes:love: And yes, looks like the pale magenta has more purple tones and it's not so bright as Sorbet. And even though I took this pic with my iphone the color is actually very similar IRL:smile:
  6. I love your new pencil case!!! it is so yummy!! i absolutely prefer sorbet than pale magenta.
  7. i have a pale magenta rh city and i'm getting my sorbet gsh pom today in the mail...i'll take comparision pics as soon as it comes in...i just need someone to pm me as to how to post pics...last time i tried with photobucket they wouldn't post:sad:
  8. thanks anmldr(uhh your avatar is so cute!!:heart:) you can pm to post pictures , congrats on your new pom pom ;)
  9. I NEW you of all people would be buying, wanting, loving something Sorbet!!!!
  10. i had posted pics in the thread sorbet pom vs pale magenta city
  11. I don't have either sorbet or pale magenta so can't contribute here - but just want to say, I love your sorbet pencil Fi!
    It's so cute!!
    Reminds me of strawberry gelato! :smile:
  12. lol sweeetie thank you so much my STUPENDA BUDDY you are as sweet as a gelato with candies (chocolate:drool:) yummm
  13. i luv ur sorbet pencil chloe.. sooo yummy...