Pink Large Cambon Tote or Salmon Pink Luxe Bowler??

  1. Which one you think is better? A Pink Large Cambon Tote or a Salmon Pink Luxe Bowler?? Why? TIA! J
  2. I prefer the salmon bowler only because I have that bag...LOL! They are 2 very different bags. I really think it comes down to personal taste. The styles are totally different. If you want a shoulder bag, then the tote is better. The bowler has chain handles, more silver throughout the bag. The colors are very different is a salmon color and the other is very, very pink. When they first came out I bought the pink bowler and returned it. It was really too pink for my taste. Also depends on what you wear and which bag will match better. Sorry, I'm not much help! Let us know what you decide.
  3. i've never been a huge fan of the cambon range but i love the luxe ligne bowlers, so i definitely prefer the bowler! the salmon pink is also an absolutely droolworthy shade, and i much prefer it to the cambon pink, so there you go! Definitely the salmon pink luxe ligne bowler for me :yes:
  4. I love cambon line and Pink is my favorite color. Anyway, I think it's rare to find the new Pink cambon bag in boutique now. Salmon bowler is also nice but I prefer darker color like black in bolwer style.
  5. I think the salmon luxe bowler would be perfect for summer!
  6. salmon bowler, no doubt! ;)
  7. I am not crazy for the Cambon line, and have been wanting to get a Luxe Bowler my decision is for a Salmon Pink Luxe Bowler. It sounds gorgeous, u have a pic of it?
  8. salmon bowler too!
  9. No pic of it.. Sorry.. If I grab it.. Don't worry, I'll get a pic for sure.. :graucho:
  10. I am not sure what the salmon color looks like, but large cambon tote is just too PINK. :p It's ok if it's a smaller bag in pink. I have a pink cambon bowler & I already think it's too pink. :smile:
  11. LOL....hurry and grab it home then.:graucho:
  12. salmon luxe bowler...i have it and luv it!
  13. Well then it's a Salmon Pink Luxe Bowler I guess! :biggrin: Well.. I will get it, but not now.. Maybe after a month! hehe! I've been on the shopping a lot for this month.. My DH is going to kill me already with all these shoppings. LOL! Thanks for your suggestions guys! Then it's definitely the Luxe Bowler, I must say! Thanks again! :biggrin: