Pink lambskin, is it like the white lambskin?!

  1. Hey Girls!

    Those of you who own pinky lambskin bags can I ask you, is this colour just as easy to stain and dirty like the white, or does the pink not behave the same way?! :confused1:
  2. lamb is lamb, any light colors could get dirty or color transfer from darker colors.
  3. my pink flap is coming tomorrow..Ill let ya know how she handles!LOL!
    its a glazed lambskin so Im not sure if its more durable.Still...Im always careful with any of my bags!(I dont wear white bags...hehe..,pink-YES!)
  4. Thanks Swanky Mama, I have been considering for a while about the lamb, but kind of put myself off thinking about the care I need take if I wanted a pretty colour. But this seasons glazed lambskin, I have been wondering whether it does make a difference to the dirt factor!

    Thank you Jill!! PLEASE PLEASE do tell all!! I waitlisted on the pink but I cancelled as I was worried as it was lightish in colour but everyone wonders about the white but not the pink :sad:.

    Plus this season's glazed, I have been wondering whether the glazed means that dirt slips off rather than soak in..:p..I LURVE your card case colour BTW, it is just such a pretty pink! Can't wait to see the bag in all different angles when you get it :graucho:. How much is it anyway!?
  5. Yes Jill's bag comes tomarrow, cant wait LOLOL! You just have to be carefull as it is lambskin, caviar is so durable!
  6. The bag I got was the was 2350 plus tax.Im also getting the Jumbo(Can ya tell im NUTS over this seasons pink???!!!LMAO!)
    I will take LOTSA pics when it arrives!HEHE!
  7. you have to be extra careful with light color lambskin bags. My beige lambskin is all messed up, but I still love her. :smile:

  8. OMG Jill, really you bought both the jumbo and the medium too of the same pink?!?!?! Haha are you sure that you don't want to get the e/w too??
  9. she is getting the east west too and the card case!
  10. Please take loads of pictures! I can't wait for you to get them!

  11. i have a new question
    i already have a black tote from chanel and i want terribly a classic flap bag. is red or black a better color choice?
  12. ^seems like a better idea to start a new thread, yes?:yes:
  13. OMG is she!!!! Is that what you usually do with bags Jill, buy all different sizes for the same colours?!?! :confused1:

    I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE TOMORROW! Please post asap :okay:ok!

  14. Congrats Jill, I saw IRL and she was so adorable ... Can't wait to see your photo :smile:
  15. omg JILL, i wanna see those pink goodies! :drool: LOL