pink kooba lola

  1. has anyone seen the new hot pink lola? omg! it is to die for,i was currently in the works of getting a balenciaga city in the magenta but,no way,its the kooba for me. they had it at Neiman Marcus in boston at the natick mall....
  2. do you have a pic??
  3. Well, I was in Saks today and they had the most drop dead gorgeous violet Lola......I would call it more on the raspberry side, but, OMG! It was gorgeous! I want it so bad, but I want it on sale!!!!!!!!
  4. hi!

    I have to tell you that I just finished getting the violet lola. it really is to die for. don't wait for it to go on sale because it might sell out before then!

    i got it from Saks. they had in in the violet and the white. i didn't see the black

    lots of luck!
  5. Hi, Roe.......I saw the white one at Saks, too. The black one was at a different Saks in Sarasota. The violet and white were both in Ft. Myers. I don't think that Kooba ever made a softer leather on any other bag, so far. That violet color was simply beautiful. Somehow, the bag took on a totally different attitude in black.
  6. am i sad or what? i'm in new york. the weather is gloomy and i wanted to try to sport my new kooba lola in violet. as much as i wanted it to make its debut on my arm today, i had to leave it in the closet.

    hee hee
  7. What a bummer! Very wise decision, though. I wouldn't want water spots on that gorgeous bag, either!
  8. pic of my first kooba

  9. Be still my beating heart......isn't that the most beautiful bag ever? I just love that color. I think it is unique. That leather is soooo squiishable!!! Congratulations. I'm jealous.
  10. :yes: she's squishable and she smells great ( ha ha) i'm so cheezy. i love smelling my bags. am i retarded or what??? :p

    i'm a lil sad because somewhere somehow she now has a tiny water stain in the back. where did she get wet, i will not know being that it wasn't raining yesterday. to think that the first time i wanted to use it, i didnt because it was in fact raining.

    you will get yours soon enough! don't you worry compass rose!
  11. ......thanks for the well wishes, Roe. That stain is probably drool.......:drool: Some time down the road, I will have one in black!
  12. This bag is still on my list. I saw it at Von Maur a couple of weeks ago and can't get over that color! :love:
  13. I just received my Cream Lola today from Bloomies and she is just so beautiful. The leather is soooo soft, much different from the leather on my Ada, Mia or Paige.
    Got it while they were having their 20% off plus free shipping sale, so even better!
    *If you're on the fence after being disappointed by the Fall collection (as most of us were) I think the Spring line is worth checking out.
    Now for a black Talia...