Pink Kelly sisters...

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  1. Kelly 28 in rose purple evercolor.
    Kelly 25 in rose sakura swift. IMG_5962.JPG IMG_5959.JPG Adjustments.JPG
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  3. Thanks for pictures side by side, I have been offered a Kelly 28 retourne, But then the COVID-19 pandemic stopped me to go to store to see ..Now I know for sure I like the 25 more. :heart::heart::heart:
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  4. both are beautiful!!!
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  5. a pink power couple!!!! LOVE!!!
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  6. A stunning pair of pink Kellys!! :love::love:
    Would love to hear your thoughts on evercolor vs swift!
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  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Makes me reconsider the Retourne shape.
  9. cuteness overlod :heart::heart::heart::heart:
  10. I love evercolor! It’s both smooth to touch and durable.
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    LOVE your pink Kelly duo @liangxt !

    I don’t have a photo of mine together so here are separate photos.
    Kelly 28 sellier Rose Lipstick tadelakt GHW
    Kelly 25 retourne Rose Pourpre Togo PHW

    7E6B01C7-2CA5-49DB-8306-8ACD8DD793E8.jpeg A8C1D4E1-7786-476C-A472-D5589B871D1A.jpeg
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  12. swooooooon :love::love:
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  13. how do you find the pink togo retourne in terms of practicality? To me they look so comfy so I might be eyeing that for my pink bag- retourne pink with can dream.
  14. I love tadelakt. I pretty much love all smooth leather types.
  15. I have a blue togo Kelly 28, and it's been used as my travel bag. Very practical.
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