Pink Julianne or Black Stam Bag?

  1. I'm falling for a Pink Julianne... But I also wanted (for a long period of time!) the black stam bag!

    I understand that the julianne is hard to find... Which one should I buy first??? Please help!!!

  2. For practicality reasons, I think I would go with the Julianne, since I tend to gravitate toward shoulder bags. The stam will be out every season, so you could always wait to buy if you really like the julianne. I think the julianne will be discountinued after this season.
  3. Julianne is better for purchase.
  4. The Black Stam
  5. Hmmm... I really love the Julianne because of its color! The pink one! But it's not directly from the boutique.. Do you guys have any idea if the Julianne was released in Pink??