Pink Inclusion Bracelet GM on Ebay now!

  1. Wow, love the pink!!
  2. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Someone get it quick!!!
  3. It's so pretty! I hope a Pfer wins it!:heart:
  4. So pretty ..I love my beige...the color is too close to my beige..
    I hope MP will get it..
    Thanks for sharing...Did order GM one ??
  5. So pretty!!
  6. its so purddy!
  7. It's beautiful:heart:
    Can't afford it this month though.:Push: :Push:
  8. Pretty but this seller doesn't accept Paypal. Paypal is so convenient.
  9. Hi! I ended up keeping my beige PM inclusion because it is so adorable and I can wear it everyday. I am on the hunt for a GM black! I am hoping that when I go to the boutique in Paris in a couple of months they will have it there. :wlae:
  10. I love the pink, this seller doesn't accept paypal?
  11. no....she doesn't anymore.....:crybaby: she used to though until she had a lot of trouble with customs and some winners. :sad:

    such a lovely lady, i bought a few things from her and we kept in touch.... she sent me a goodie box on my birthday (with LV, dior, chanel etc...)all the way from england!!! :tender:
    you can definitely trust her! :yes:
  12. Sweet, sounds like a seller is talking right now :wlae:
  13. ^^ what does that imply??

    I have purchased lv from her before also. She is very accomodating and patient and keeps in constant contact with her customers, a seller to trust.
  14. Yes I love beige one, I can wear it at night or during the day. The black one is perfect for at night only IMO..

    I love to get black one too someday..
    I hope you will get black one in Paris..