Pink Heritage Stripe Satchel!

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  1. Its obviously fake but if Coach actually made it, i think itd be soooo CUTE and something I'd definitely must have.
  2. yea. it would be very cute:yes:
  3. :supacool:
  4. What is scary, that does not look fake at all to the untrained eye. The C's seem to match perfectly. The only reason it looks off to me is the stitching and the hardware.
  5. I do like that color combo. sigh.
  6. LOL... I got excited by the title and thought one had come out.
    Yea, if it were real it would be mine!
  7. ITA.. I would LOVE to have that color combo bag!!!! :tup:
  8. Love it. Too bad its fake.
  9. It is a cute bag...for a fake, but I think that it has too much hardware for me!:nogood:
  10. that would be nice...

    i am kicking myself for not getting a tatersall satchel now...i really want one.... :drool:
  11. Scary! This is why I have only bought 2 Coach items off Ebay. I am concerned I will be fooled.
  12. You can still order one :ninja: Or move to Dallas and I'll let you borrow mine if I can borrow your pink pleated ergo!!!
  13. That would be cute if it were real!
  14. I'm not a fan of signature anymore, but that is really cute, and really hard to tell it's fake!
  15. LOL... I am only 3 hours by car pursegal!!!