Pink Heritage Question/ Stupid but simple lol

  1. Ok I'm still new to Coach [always in LV!] but I want to order the Pink Heritage Tote. I want it in large, but how would I order this if its not in the store or online yet?? I see everyone ordering it and I'm like ahh I want this! lol. Also could someone tell me what the measurements are on this??

    Thanks so much everyone!:flowers:
  2. According to the catalog, dimensions are 18Lx14Hx4W.
    Item # 11351
    You can call Jax directly thru the 800-223-8647
    or call a boutique, if you have one near you, and they can order it for you and you'll save the shipping charges.
  3. Thank you soo much!!
  4. Enjoy your new bag! I can't wait to see pictures of the large
  5. You are so welcome! I am waiting for the large to arrive, the medium just didn't work out for me and my dimensions seem to be smaller than what's listed for the medium size.
    Check the search for this tote , there have been a lot of posts about it and you may find them helpful to you!:yes: The coated canvas is beautiful and so is the shade of pink!:tup: