pink heart coin purse 2007

  1. It's pretty..available at eBay..I didn't know it comes in pink..I thought only in pomme d'amour

  2. It comes in framboise, pomme d'amour, and perle. On the preview sheet, they have color swatches next to the items so you can tell the various colors it comes in.
  3. Soo pretty! I want both pomme d'amour and MC
  4. More discussion on this on a previous thread here
    I called 866, and they said they'll be widely available in stores Feb. 1
    Colors for the Vernis include the Perle, Framboise and the new Red
    I'm definitely getting the red...:love: I'll be there on the 1st!!
  5. I am torn, I think I want the red, but as I mentioned before...I am not 100% sure...ack! I really would love all 3 plus the MC, but that is love the 'envelope' too....hmmm!
  6. how much is it? its so cute!!!
  7. I'm getting MC for $345....

    But, in vernis I'd get Pomme, and not sure how much that is... I have a vernis stomachache from eating way too much in 06... now, I'm diversifying... haha
  8. awwwww it's lovely!
  9. I'd definitely like it in red... I wanna get it for my mum!!!
  10. Thank you for sharing a real-life picture of this heart purse. Wow. It is gorgeous! Can't wait to pick up my red one on the 1st!!
  11. I saw this, too along with the others on eBay. They're really cute!
  12. those are just tooooooo cute! i am having a hard time telling myself $400cdn is too much for a heart change purse
  13. dido.....but it would be a nice V-day gift from BF, heck i'd skip those roses, Godiva, and fancy restuaurant which equals the amount of this adorable thing!
  14. Okay .... now I am thinking I need a red one instead of a red cles! :roflmfao:
  15. We think alike...I told my DH no need for flowers sent to the office (whereas in the past I threw a fit if there weren't any) nor dinner...just a brown box with shiny shiny red heart---I think he'd save money if he just bought the heart!!! LOL