PINK they go with a lot?

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  1. I've never really been a pink girl, but lately (completely the fault of the Purse Forum) I'm finding that I'm attracted to it. I'm not into pale pinks at all but I'm loving the brighter (not neon) pink/magenta shades. Do you think buying one of these would be a total waste and it would just sit in my closet? Those of you who are pink lovers, do you find you can use your bags on a daily basis? What would you wear with your pink bags (please don't say pink!!). TIA!!! :smile:
  2. I have only used my pink Gicci a few times. When I have used it I have worn white top and jeans

  3. I love pink!!!! And I'm currently looking at a new summer bag and I'm considering a Fucshia Rebecca Minkoff bag! I don't think I'd have a problem using it on a daily basis though. I think it would just pop against the right clothing.
    I'd wear it with black, dark browns, yellow, jeans, maybe the right color blue....I'd be pairing it with everything possible in my closet!
  4. What do you think of this shade, it's called pink rose...

  5. I love that Botkier bag, sooooo cute!! :yes:
  6. Oh, I :heart: this bag ~ is this the Botkier Sasha Duffle?
  7. I think that Botkier bag is really nice!!!
  8. I think pink is very versatile.. you can wear it with jeans, black pants, whites, blues, browns, yellows, greens... Of course I am biased becuase I started that pink thread but I really think pink is more versatile than one might initally expect.
  9. I love pink and I love that Botkier purse :drool:
    I wear my pink bags with jeans, black suit pants, and almost any color on my top but red.
  10. I just wonder if I'd be better off with something that just has little bit of pink accent rather than the whole bag being this new Coach soho??
    Coach large soho hobo hot pink trim.jpg
  11. I LOVE PINK! It's a wonderful neutral! I have two pink bags - a Fiore Audra in pink and a Moni Moni Splendor in pink and they are WONDERFUL! :okay: I don't wear too much red, honestly, so it's not too much of an issue. I tend to wear neutrals anyway like blacks, greys, khakis, etc., and it's soooooo cute! Especially in the spring and summer months!
  12. Depending on your wardrobe, solid Pink can be a very versitle and complementry color.
  13. I LOVE pink! it is my favorite color! (and anyone who knows me would definitely know that)...i wear it alll the time. I really think pink goes well with any color except for red or peach...i can't think of anything else it wouldn't look nice with.

  14. This bag is nice. I think if you are comfortable carrying an all over pink bag..go for it!!! But if you think it'll limit you with what clothes you normallly wear, maybe just a splash of pink would be excellent for you!!!
  15. Pink is a good colour for a summer bag and would go with a lot, but I have noticed that it can get grubby very quickly and then it just looks :yucky:!!
    As long as it's protected regularly with some spray there should be no problems!