pink hamptons website confusion

  1. so when i found this on the main page for the accessories
    but when i click on it the pink option isnt there a purse that goes with it? i absolutely love the color... they have this up there too
    and like the wallet when you click on the picture the pink isnt a color option :sad: any ideas?
  2. I did the same thing! And that pink is so cute, I want it all. I don't know why it's not an option yet, but I sort of remember the same thing happening to me with the light blue sig stuff a couple months back..My guess is that it will be up soon as an option, they just haven't put it up yet.
    Sorry that probably didn't help a lot!
  3. I was wondering the same thing. I saw they had a "hip bag". They are probably going to put all their signature print in this color and the green too.
  4. It just isn't available yet. A lot of the items aren't available until March sometime. And it might even be some time in April, I'm not sure when though.
  5. yeah that's what i was hoping...i love the color it's so pretty! im between waiting to see if something comes out in that color or getting the scribble tote