Pink Gucci Boston for Summer!

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have this Gucci boston. I think it is the small one. Is it possible to carry on the shoulder or would the strap be too long or the bag too bulky to do so?

    Also, which do you prefer? the pink gucci logo or the pink dior logo.. i might end up getting a pouch if i want a shoulder bag. The gucci one is shaped like the LV Accessoires, just a small rectangular shoulder bag. The pink dior one would be the saddle (pict below)


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  2. muppy, it's not the boston bag, but the saddle bag. I have no problem fitting it over my shoulder, especially in the summer time when there are no bulky coats.
  3. sorry, do you mean that the boston can be worn on the shoulder? (the link brings you to a pict of the boston) I reckon the saddle and the gucci pouch could be worn on the shoulder.
  4. hmmm..... anyone?
  5. Muppy, the link just brings you to the beginning of the Gucci site. Can you copy a photo? Somehow, I think the Boston might not be able to fit over the shoulder. But I'd need to see exactly what you're talking about.
  6. I believe she's talking about this one, if so, it may fit comfortably over your shoulder if you're really petite...

  7. If it's this one, yes it does look like it can fit over the shoulder. But, you're right. You may have to be petite.
  8. It's sooo adorable ! I don't think Gucci is priced very competitively though.. every time I look at their items, I always think "I might as well buy an Louis Vuitton" !
  9. ooh, thanks dee-dee! that's exactly the one i was referring to. Sorry about the link, I tried the link after posting it and it worked fine, but yes, that is the bag! I think it is so sweet, but pretty expensive for canvas. I do love the pink though. My friend is going over to the states, so hopefully i can ask him to get it tax free.