Pink gucci bag... is it too girly and childish to carry for 30 year old?


    that's the picture of something like it. What do you think of the color? is it just too childish and barbie-esq looking to be carried by a 30 year old?

    what about 26-28 year old?
  2. I'm thirty. And I would carry it no doubt.
  3. It's not to my taste, but if you like it, go for it!
  4. It is cute! I would carry it and I'm 30.
  5. it's cute and i would get it! (I'm 30 too...)
  6. i don't think it looks too young.
  7. I think it's gorgeous and very springy, chic and very versatile. Go for it! : )
  8. very cute!
  9. its i didnt even know they made the chain in pink!!! woahhhh i thought it was avaiable only in black and brown and the leathers!! and i think i saw the flora! ohhh cute! where did u see it?
  10. It's lovely, go for it! Not too young at all.
  11. ooo nice! pretty pink
  12. its gorgerous. i would love to carry that...
  13. cute bag! go for it!
  14. A word of advise. Depending on where you are buying it from I suggest before you buy it post photos in the Authenticate forum just to make sure it is real.