Pink Groovee satchel or Reef Blue or Dark Coral Ukita?

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  1. Does anyone own the Retro Q Groove bag in 'Peony' below and/or could tell me your opinions on it, especially if you've seen it in person? I am contemplating picking this one up at Nordstrom since it is marked down at my local store, but I am not sure if it will look too juvenile for me (32yr. old SAHM) or if it will look outdated after a short while from now....I own a large 'Classic' Q Groovee which I love, but I would like to buy my first bright colored bag, since my entire bag collection is in neutral colors. I do love pink, so my first choice would have been a lil Ukita in 'Rosie', but of course that is nowhere to be found.... I am also contemplating a 'Reef Blue' or 'Dark Coral' lil Ukita as well, not sure which one of these to pick!

    Thanks for your help!

    Groovee in 'Peony':

    or the Reef Blue Ukita:
  2. I've seen the color reef blue IRL, and i quite like it, i'd say reef blue ukita!
  3. Yeah, I've been thinking about it all day, and I think I would like and use the Reef Blue one the most, because most of my clothes are cool greys, royal purples, and dark teals. So I think I would get the most use out of it. Yay! I think I will pull the trigger on it this weekend, can't wait!!

    Thanks douzz!:smile:
  4. I own the Ukita and I lover herrrrr! It can be both causal and dressed up!!
  5. Reef blue is beautiful!!!
    Do show us!!
  6. Yes, I definitely will take pics when I get it!! Thanks gals!
  7. Great decision to go with the Reef Blue. I initially wanted the Reef Blue Ukita, but went for the chocolate brown instead--because I'm boring like that. :P
  8. @Ivh75
    totally agree with your decision. the coral is nice but it can get to be too much if you are using the bag everyday. perfect pop of colour. :woohoo:

    also @tamburger
    brown is not boring! i've been lusting after a brown ukita for months. so classy and a twist on the everyday black bag.
  9. Ooooh, chocolate brown ukita sounds lovely, tamburger! I own several MBMJ bags but they are ALL in neutral colors, so I really needed a nice punch of color to add to my collection. I pulled the trigger on it today, so I will receive it very soon, by the end of next week hopefully!! I am so excited, plus this will be my first Ukita so hopefully I LOVE it!