Pink & green classic flap pics from Saks SA

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  1. My SA at Saks, Delyse (248-515-1126), sent me these pics of new bags in. They are both large size and lambskin with silver h/w. One is pink, the other green. Taken with a phone, so not the clearest pics, but you get the idea :smile:. Please call her if you have any questions, and please tell her April referred you.

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  2. The green reminds me so much of Spring! The winter doldrums are getting to me! Thanks for sharing!
  3. The green is a fantastic pop of colour - like jade green grass!!!
  4. [​IMG]


    Lovely bags, thanks for posting!!~
  5. IRL the green is a teeeeny bit darker and "jader" than that. Still bright though!
  6. Fresh Green like a green apple... Love it!
  7. Love the green!!! Goregous. I am ready for spring!!
  8. Love the colors and Delyse is the best! Very helpful and not pushy at all.
  9. Wow that's green! :shocked:
  10. Love, love, love , love the green colour..
  11. very pretty!
  12. I love the green! Too bad it's not caviar. How much? Thanks for posting the pics!!!
  13. Thanks for sharing. Its too bright for me!
  14. That looks like a very pretty shade of pink.
  15. What a pretty shade of green! Thank you for posting this aprilvalentine!