Pink/Gray Tokidoki Fornarinas at the Great Mall!

  1. I was at the Great Mall in Milpitas, CA today, and they had the Pink/Gray Tokidoki Fornarina shoes! I bought another pair because I have my first pair in a see-through box xD;;; So now I have a pair I can use!
  2. Wow! A pair and a spare!:drinkup:
  3. Haha yes xD. They are like a piece of art, and I am super it made sense for me to get another pair. They are expensive, but I do want to wear them with my other stuff xD;
  4. Now you can! Please show us pics!
  5. the sneakers or the heels?!
  6. Yeah! I am happy to be able to wear them. I'll take pictures later :smile:

    Bubblesung, they are the sneakers.
  7. oh god....i am dying. i need toki shoes & sandals...but i
  8. he should make boots..i'd hella wear em!
  9. egads!! the shoes are cute, but id rather have a bag!! :sad:
  10. i agree with you!!
  11. Me too! I like the bags.
  12. I'm just convinced he would have to eventually make flip flops.:love:
  13. Yikessss, I can't pull off boots :shrugs:

    I'm a shoes/sandals kinda gal.
  14. its funnie cuz i can't walk in flipflops..hurts my feet :huh:
  15. yeah i saw them too when i went last week they didn't have their tags so they couldn't be displayed/bought.... saw them in person yesterday but i'm kinda holding out for the Light pink ones or the light grey ones... not really into the two-tone...

    it's basically grey camo with magenta lining on the outside... for $110 +tax

    i asked if any other styles were coming in and they told me it depends on how well the shoe sells there and what kind of overstock they get from fornarina

    i think i would buy the sandals if they less than $100 becuz they come with an anklet tho :biggrin: