Pink Graffiti on ebay??? Release not until feb??

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  1. Graffiti bags were available for purchase at the Sprouse event last Friday @ the Soho LV in NYC - this was probably bought there.

  2. Thats what I thought at first, but then someone told me the speedy wasnt going to be until feb. :sad: I knew I should have gone!!
  3. ^^ Restricter bought her pink graffiti speedy in Soho last friday and she did a reveal too.

  4. Ahh how did I miss that?! Must go look!:graucho:
  5. i was there in soho last sunday and they had a lot of grafitti speedys and neverfulls.. as well as zippy coin purses :smile:

  6. I am so sad! I would have totally gone to NY if I knew that. Geez, Does anyone know if they are going to get more in?
  7. Yes, they will be getting more in for sure because Soho has the exclusive until Feb.2 so they are replenishing when possible.