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  1. I love when October arrives! My countdown for Christmas begins. Autumn comes, the weather is perfect. I will see all of my favorite colors everywhere! I love the changing hue of the leaves from green to yellow, red, orange to brown. And you can see PINK everywhere. Who wouldn't be happy seeing all the NFL and MLB players wearing Pink :smile: And most of all, it's my birthday :smile:

    Here are my gifts: Rolex Air King 34mm Stainless with Pink Gold diamonds and White gold bezel and Special Edition Pink Gold Vintage Alhambra pendant with single Mother of Pearl motif.
    image-1546158767.jpg image-1577641888.jpg image-1236353593.jpg image-2269547648.jpg image-3363561153.jpg image-486731059.jpg image-3623863606.jpg image-2225846358.jpg
  2. Here is my mod pic.

    Thanks for sharing my joy!
  3. Congratulations on your stunning gifts! And Happy Birthday of course!!!
  4. Thanks Karo! :smile:
  5. What gorgeous gifts! :love: I love pink, too (my fave color... so uplifting and feminine)! :girlsigh: The Rolex and necklace will look fantastic together! :smile: Happy Birthday and wear them in good health!! :flowers:
  6. It's all gorgeous. I especially adore that pink Rolex. Love the mix of stainless steel and pink. Hard and soft. Just Perfect.
  7. gorgeous presents! happy birthday!
  8. Thank you so much fieryfashionist! :biggrin: I am on a pink cloud! :cloud9:
  9. Thank you so much Epifanatic! :biggrin: My DH did a fantastic job! This Rolex is just perfect for me! You share my exact sentiments. I too love all the mix of the metals...the stainless steel with pink and white gold. Understated but yet elegant.
  10. Thank you Candice! :biggrin:
  11. Wow, very beautiful presents! Happy birthday!
  12. Very beautiful gifts!!! Enjoy them!! Happy Birthday!!!!
  13. What a sweet hubby! I can't make it out clearly, but did he get the watch engraved with your names and the word "forever"? Such a lucky gal, you are! Congrats!!!!
  14. Congrats!! Beautiful gifts!! And happy bday!!
  15. Love it! Congrats, watch looks great with your wedding set too!