Pink Gold Diving Watch.....(long + pics) - but a GREAT story

LV Luke

Is it ever enough???
Jan 17, 2007
My BF and I travel to Hong Kong 1-2 times a year, about 2 years ago he saw the Diving Watch in Pink Gold and fell in LoVe. It is a serious amoumnt of $$$ so he thought about it and put it on his mental wish-list.

So..... we were in HK in September and went back to the W&J boutique at the Penninsula to see if they had one in stock. I must digress here.....This paricular watch is supplied with 2 straps, one blue rubber and one blue alligator.

So the boutique had one in stock, but it had a white rubber strap on it. We both knew this was not right, but the SA didn't know or seem to care.

He particulary liked the blue rubber strap. So the SA told us this is how they come now, but we knew this wasn't true. He was ready to drop US 20000 on a watch and they were like, whatever!!!

He was so dissapointed when we got back to out hotel, I suggested we go to Canton Rd, they had one in stock, again without the blue strap. WTF???

By this time he was angry, he had wanted this watch for alomost 2 years!!!

So he decided to email our SA/friend in Hawaii just to vent his frustration and let him know what was happening. Our friend told his store director who happened to know the Asia-Pacific Watch & Jewellery Manager.

This is where it gets interesting........So early Saturday morning the W&J manager calls our hotel and apologises for the mix up and wants to meet us at the Peninsula store. Even though it his son's birthday and they were planning to go to Disneyland, he takes time from his weekend to meet us.

We thought that was an incredibly nice thing to do, so we bought his son some chocolates and cookies for his birthday.

Anyway, we have coffeee with the him at the Peninsula hotel and he explains about the watch strap. This blue strap is only supplied with this particular watch and it is made by a different factory than the other straps and they had closed for the summer and were currently behind production. But he was expecting more soon, he even looked through his "PR/promo" watches to see if he had a strap, he didn't!!!

He then got the HK warehouse manager to look in the warehouse (on a Saturday) and guess what.......they found one!!!! He sent someone out to the warehouse to pick it up.

By this time he had to leave for his son's party, and told us the strap would be in-store by 2pm and invited us to come back and view the watch with the proper strap.

He then said he would like to take us out for dinner, with his wife, later that night!!!

We then went back to the store to see the watch (with no obligation to buy) anyway, suprisingly (not) my BF loved the watch and bought it!

The store manager (not the Jewellery manager) told us that dinner was on with the Jewellery manager at 8pm and they would send a car to our hotel.

So, waiting in the lobby, one of the Peninsula's Rolls Royce Phantoms arrives to whisk us away to an amazing dinner at "Pearl" I think the most amazing view in Hong Kong, its on the Peak and overlooks magnicent HK harbour.

We had a lovely dinner with him and his wife who had an amazing collection of LV on her. My BF, the manager and his wife all had LV watches, I only had a Cartier (LOL - I Love Cartier) We all laughed that I only had Cartier.

We had a wonderful dinner and cought the cable car down the mountain.

So my BF ended up extremely happy and wears his watch everyday and always thinks about the amazing experience we had in obtaining it.



Jul 5, 2007
That is such a great story! I'm glad you're BF got his dream watch - FINALLY! The manager is a model of how every SA, manager, etc. should be! Congrats to your BF!

LV Luke

Is it ever enough???
Jan 17, 2007
What a fabulous story! It pays to have a good relationship with your Hawaiian SA. I'd love to see a picture of your Cartier watch. Could you post one? I'm sure it's gorgeous! Congrats to your BF!

Tank Francaise - I also have Santos 100 with red alligator strap