Pink/girly laptop bags/cases

  1. I bought the sony vaio laptop in cherry pink a while ago......sooooooooo gorgeous i love it anyways guess what i still do not have a laptop bag and it is a pain always carrying it by hand or in improvised bags.

    I am willing to spend the $$, but not too much because my rule for laptop bags (OK I confess, I never had one until now when I needed to make one) is as long as it is good quality, sturdy enough that my laptop is one safe baby, and very sweet looking, I don't need any givenchy laptop bags.

    I am looking for business-style kinda laptop bags, there was ONE pink bag in sony but it was like a messenger bag, with all these crazy flowers and unessecary pockets for god knows what a laptop needs. very childish/teenage. I would like to fit my laptop, mouse,mouse pad (which is kinda big because it was a comfy wrist/arm bulgy gel!) and battery/adapter in the bag as well (various compartments will be ok for those)

    does anybody know where I can find such a bag? I'm picky, I know! but I am willing to travel to the whole world to find one (seriously! I was considering planning a whole day somewhere in asia just for laptop bugs!!)

    if no bag matching my description suffice, anyone know of ANY laptop bags that are pink/girly/fashionable/chic? :smile:
  2. You should post this in the Handbags and Purses forum!
  3. How about this one from


    I saw an associate lady where I used to work carry this one to work but I must warn you that pink will not go down too well in a bank or somewhere like that!
  4. Franklin Covey has a selection of business laptop bags - standard colors like black, brown, tan, red, etc...but they look super professional.
  5. sorry for posting this in the wrong forum >.<

    wooooow looking at franklin and ego as we speak.
    Bee- I'm in love- do you know how much the bag in the pic goes for?
    and would my laptop fit in it? (I noticed it was designed for ego laptops!)
    laptop's Measurements: 13.2&#8221; (W) x 1.25"-1.67&#8221; (H) x 9.8&#8221; (D)....I tried to make sense of the bag's measurements but I was unsuccessful LOL