Pink/Framboise LV Epi - will it ever happen?

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  1. I was checking out the pics of the LV vernis accessories on ebay after reading another thread. Several of them are displayed in framboise on the alternate views, and it is such a beautiful color! Do y'all think LV will ever come out with a similar color in the Epi line?
  2. Anyone's guess, their colours just seem to appear and keep us all guessing !
  3. Does anyone know how often they introduce new colors in the Epi line? I've only been a fan for a few months, so I'm not too knowledgeable yet.
  4. i hope so! i would buy a pink epi speedy in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Me too! If they made it tomorrow I'd go buy it and then worry about how to pay for it. Hmmm. Maybe we'll get our wish since V-day is approaching. That would be too good to be true.
  6. i don't think they will ever produce a pink epi bag. this line is less playfull than others, so i think it will only be available in "appropriate for work" colors.
  7. They make epi bags in mandarin- a bright orange color.
  8. OMGosh if they brought out a fuchia pink (see color in pic below on Vernis bag) EPI Speedy, I would be the first on the list. I wonder if you could special order a Vernis Speedy b/c that would be an interesting bag.

  9. oh yes me too I would love a fuchsia Epi speedy YUM YUM LOL

  10. i know, but in my opinion that's not too flashy.
    but thats just me.
  11. i agree. a pink or any color close to pink would be tacky for epi. lilac is the closest i think that it will ever get to anything "pink" haha
  12. Eek, I would definitely not suggest special-ordering a fuschia vernis speedy because the color is discontinued. They don't just keep that color of leather on hand, so expect maybe 200% to 300% markup; at least, that's the estimate that I got. A speedy in a current vernis color would be so much cheaper, so maybe you could go for that?
  13. i want a pink epi!!
  14. my post was only hypothetical. I knew it was discontinued but it would be a cool idea.
  15. I'm not even an LV fan, and I'd buy a raspberry or fuschia colored epi speedy. I love pink.