Pink Flap on eBay by PersonalShoppers

  1. I just got mine from personalshoppers, softer pink ... get it ladies!
  2. are those bags from personalshoppers brand new??
  3. ^^the auction will state if it is or isn't.
  4. p.s. that color is so :drool: :heart: :love:
  5. Cute bag -- too bad the authenticity card is missing
  6. I know! The auth card is missing...and if you see one of the close up pics I think there are some cracks on the leather.....she said it was a display bag that's why the auth. card is missing.

    Otherwise I love this color!!!!
  7. the color sure is hot though :drool:
  8. Gorgeous!
  9. does anybody know the color code for this bag ? i got all sort of different answers like hot pink, bubble gum, corail ..... thanks!
  10. no clue, but these sort of pink wont be available anymore in store, i order my pink from, she will find for u as what u requested
  11. ^ not sure if it's the same one, but there was a 2005 pinksih red. the colour code is 61347RED
  12. Love that color!!! TDF!
  13. OMG that is goregous!!!!:heart: :drool: :love: