Pink Flap for 2014 fall/winter

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  1. Not sure if anyone sees this yet.

    I love love pink and feel the pink lamb flap KBLoveCC revealed is absolutely gorgeous!

    But I notice besides pink boys in 2014 Fall/Winter preview, there is also this extra small mini in cute pink!!

    I thought I will only be screwed for 2014 spring/summer but it turns out more temptation is coming! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395120417.586740.jpg
  2. Oh my.. **speechless** 😱❤️❤️❤️
  3. Is that lambskin? It looks almost like a satin finish... Oh my... I'm not a fuschia type girl so didn't jump on the spring pink shade but this pink is gorgeous... I might have to get on wait lists already if they would let me... Lol!
  4. Any more teaser pics for the fall? ;)
  5. Oh my that's pretty!!
  6. Such an.AMAZING color! Is it metallic pink? This pink seems to transcend everything in this pic. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this photo. Great flap, great jacket, and fabulous photographer I must say! I am in love! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. Do you think it is leather? It looks sort of like it could be a different material
  8. So pretty! Looks like satin to me too.
  9. Love the subtle purplelish pink, I guess is satin material.
  10. Very pretty color!
  11. It looks like satin finish, it's very pretty.
  12. ooh, this is pretty!!! looks indeed like satin...
  13. Very pretty, I also think it looks like satin
  14. I came across this on bragmybag and I wish they have more info than teasing us!!
  15. Totally in love with the color as well, and I thought it looked like satin when I first saw it on their website as well. What are some pros/cons of Chanel Satin? I'm guessing it would get easily dirty, anyone with experience?