Pink Flamingo - Yes or No?

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  1. Hello. I need some help pleaseeee. My SA just called, offering me a Pink Flamingo birkin in size 35cm PHW. Can someone please let me know if Flamingo is a true pale pink or does it have salmon undertone? I googled, but see some pics show a true pink shade while others show a salmon tone. What's your experience with Flamingo? Would you purchase it if you are a pink fan? Thanks!!
  2. I love flamingo. It has a tiny bit of salmon undertone but not too much, just the right amount, I see it as a lighter shade of Rose lipstick. It's a lovely color. I would go for it.
  3. It's definitely not a true Pink, more Salmon colored!
  4. Flamingo is nice color. I would go for it
  5. I saw a flamingo toolbox last time I was at H. It is a beautiful color but it does have salmon undertones. If you get it please do a reveal!!!! Good luck. I am very jealous.
  6. OMG! What a coincidence! My SA just called me to offer me a flamingo birkin 30! I am a huge pink fan and I am super thrilled, mine is on hold for me and I will be picking it up very soon! I did research on the color and in my opinion is just pinkalicius!��������
  7. Agree with the description a lighter rose lipstick, a neutral perfect pink and my favorite color is PINK!:love:
  8. I have the exact same one and I love it! under different shades of light, it kind of change its color too.

    you really have to see in person to decide if you would like it.
  9. Fyr...

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  10. That's beautiful color and goes with a lot.
  11. The pic glaucophane showed is in chevre but if it's birkin I guess the leather is epsom.
    Color looks different in chevre and epsom.
  12. It's very salmon in my opinion. I've seen togo and epsom irl. I love it in epsom. The colour looked more define.
    Good luck! Let us know your decision.