pink fishnets- what to wear with?

  1. I bought some pink (watermelon not light pink) wolford fishnets off eBay for a great deal and now I'm wondering what I'm going to pair them with!

    How would you fashion mavens on here make them look hot not tacky? Thanks!
  2. I like the way fishnets look layered over other tights. And I think with the right outfit they won't look tacky, but I would keep it pretty simple so you don't end up looking like Rainbow Brite...
  3. Maybe... with Eric Glennie Saddlebag Shorts?:wondering
  4. :lol:^^

    Honestly, I can't picture this...but, I'm definitely no fashion maven, either!
  5. I was totally going to mention layering! pink with black tights under and a black mini dress or skirt with black flats would look super cute
  6. :tup::tup::tup: Don't need to add more.
  7. hahaha oh no. the world is not ready yet
  8. I can't really imagine these not looking tacky. Let us know if you figure it out.
  9. Stay away from mixing them with black.. It will only look like you're a 14 year old wannabe punk, i don't care how you wear it. Instead, try it with something a bit more unexpected and sophisticated.


    ^^ something like this wool dress..

    add your pink fishnets..


    add some fairly simple over the knee socks that can scrunch and look stylish.. these are perfect..


    and a nice sleek boot like these..


    and top with a structured bag in a light colour to keep it as feminine and pretty as possible..

  10. Oh no! The saddlebag shorts and ponytail pants are invading other threads! :p
  11. how about ripped jeans? not too torn, just holes here and there for the pink fish net to peak out : )
  12. I like Sammy's idea, I have tights just like the ones you have and I always wear them with knee high boots or socks, and then a romantic,pretty dress. Nothing black or I feel like I look like an illustration and too "graphic" if you know what I mean...