Pink Fever! Post you PINK bags here!

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  1. I am currently suffering from Pink Fever. Are you? :graucho:

    Post pics of your pink bags here! :love:
  2. I'll start. I actually made a collage for mine :lol:

    Mini Mac in Flamingo :flowers:

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  3. Here's mine! Hoping to add a shimmery light pink MAB to my collection, but that's a dye project away...

    (And is it blasphemous for me to have a Kate Spade keychain on an RM bag? :sneaky:)

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  4. This is my only pink bag...Kate Spade 😊
  5. Is this the watermelon color? :smile:
  6. That's really a beautiful true pink!
  7. Thank you! It's very vibrant which I like :smile:
  8. I believe it is!
  9. Beautiful! I have a mini affair in watermelon too :smile:
  10. By reading this post, I actually found out I do not own a pink bag and I love pink! Haa
  11. Has anyone seen, or does anyone like the unlined feed bag?
  12. I've tried on the Feed bag at Nordstrom (not sure if it's the unlined one but it was in a black color), and I love how lightweight it is. What I didn't like is there is no secure closure. I'd be paranoid of someone trying to pickpocket me when I'm not looking. Or worse, my stuff spilling out when I place the bag down on the floor or table and rain getting into my things. It's still an awesome bag though, definitely great for girls on the go!
  13. I saw a couple, too, at my Saks Off fifth. Kind of weird colors, I think that's why they were there - florescent orange, for one (though I LOVE that color!). I thought they were beautiful - really nice leather and a great silhouette.
  14. Thanks for your feedback! I don't have anyplace close to me to see it. I really like the shape, not sure if the non closure would bother me?! Hmmmm
  15. I do like the style and shape. I like the pale blush color on my phone....but that's not always accurate. Thanks for your response!