pink eye

  1. My little girl has pink eye, i think! She is 15 months old....i left a vm for the pediatrician. What happens now? I have no experience with pink eye. Gross!
  2. they'll probably prescribe antibiotic eyedrops, that's what mine does. keep them, cause you'll probably need them again! but the drops work absolute wonders. good luck!
  3. My 11 months son's got pink eye twice, so I'm quite familiar with it.

    Your doctor will prescribe you eyedrops for it but they expire in a month time like all other eyedrops, so no, dont keep them!

    Massaging your daughter's tear duct is a good way to prevent pink eye and clean her eyes with damped cotton discs if you find any discharges.

    Hope she gets better soon!
  4. hmm, interesting, mine didn't expire in a month, the date was actually several months from the prescribing date. My dr. actually told me to hang on to them for future use. Perhaps we had different types of drops. Oh, well... good luck to you allie.