Pink Expandable flap

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  1. Last Sunday my DH suprised me with a white expandable flap bag for Mother's day. He knew I visited Chanel a couple of days before and was talking about it. The reason why I didn't buy it was because I wanted one in PINK. So I had the white one for just only one day! Until I called my SA and she located the very last one from another state. So I made an exchange. I've been at home waiting for Thurs. to roll around. Can't wait for the fed ex guy. I'm due with my second child anyday now but I don't want to go into labor yet until I recieve my bag!! lol.

    My question for you guys is the pink expandable flap bag hard to get now?? and is it a limited edition bag? Thanks :yes:
  2. Ohhh, congratulations!! :smile: The pink is very pretty! I don't know if it's so difficult to find, but then again I haven't searched, since I have too many pink bags. :p I did see a pink expandable at NM White Plains the other day, if anyone is looking!
  3. I believe the NM on Mich Avenue has one or they did last Thursday. I'll PM you my SAs number.
  4. I have the pink..Its A FAB bag!!!Congrats!!!
  5. Hi, in answer to your question. I was able to get one very easily. I love it, it is gorgeous. My new fav. bag, lol. I do not know why she said it was hard to get. Sometimes I think they say that as a selling tactic. Good luck with the baby!!:smile:
  6. Thanks guys! Good to hear there's more availible because I've been having nightmares that the bag never came or it did but it was a defected one that no one wanted.
  7. Hey congrats!! Geez..I don't know what I want you to get first...Your baby or the bag!!!! Take care..and congrats on both!!!
  8. Congrats! Make sure to post photos of baby and bag, and best wishes to you!
  9. Yes - post photos of both!:smile:
    All the best to you.
  10. congratzzzzzz!!!!
  11. Congratulation! I think pink is definitely not too difficult to find now. Because as far as I know, there's still stock in NM.
    But may I know where did you get your white expandable flap, since I want to get one. Do you mind you can pm me the details, like SA and the contact no? Thanks and good luck on pink flap find!


  12. I m asking my sister to get me one in US. She is staying in Desoto, Texas. She is not use to buying all these stuff. Can anyone give me advice on how to go about this? Tia.

  13. Hi Maxter,
    Would you please pm me your contact info for this bag too? I'm desperate for it!
  14. Double congrats. Best wishes to you. =)

    Pink Expandable Flap is so gorgeous, I am so excited and happy for you. =)
  15. Congrats!! Put some pics of your new bag as soon as you receive it! And oh... advance congratulations on your coming baby! :biggrin: