Pink epi would look so pretty!

  1. I think framboise or fuchsia would be prettier on Epi than bubblegum. Marshmallow might be pretty since it's almost white.
  2. Hi allison! I have't seen you since I don't post on the eBay boards anymore-
  3. Eeee, I'm sorry but that looks like Pepto Bismol. If LV decides to use a pink color for their EPI line, I'm hoping it's more of a rich pink like framboise, as Allison noted.
  4. *Pretty in Pink*
  5. wow I love it! that is the nicest fake LV I've ever seen, lol. I have never admired a fake LV before and well I stand pretty firm on fakes are evil, but that one is pretty despite it being a non existent model. I would def. buy a pink epi speedy, oooooh!
  6. I ever posted a thread that epi would be in baby pink and baby blue :smile: ..... I think it will be a very cute color and sure it will be sold out.
  7. I agree. Framboise does sound yummy in Epi! :yes:
  8. Marshmallow or Framboise Epi would be beautiful.
  9. oh my !! i love it!! heheh wish they would make it for real
  10. I totally love your idea :love: my friend ever emailed LV to release LV Epi in Baby Pink and Baby Blue, so mad but she really want Epi in that color :lol:
  11. anything in pastel colors is cute.
  12. It is ok, would really depend on the shade, kwim?
  13. i can't say i agree.

    now, royal purple, that would be another story!
  14. I agree... I would like to see a darker pink. It would be really cute!