***PINK Diamonds***

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  1. Hello,

    I want to add some colors to my stack of diamond bands. So far I have a T&Co 2mm channel set round white diamond platinum band, T&Co. 2mm (I think) novo rose gold white diamond band, and emerald channel set white diamond band. I would love to add a pink diamond melee with rose gold and maybe a yellow diamond with yellow gold band to alternate the look with my plain solitaire ER. Ideally, a thin band works best since my ER is the thin knife edge band.

    What are your thoughts about these:




    The last two look like higher quality work. All three are special orders.

    Anyone bought from these companies before?
  2. I have never bought from either of the companies but I do know that Diamonds by Lauren is a very reliable and trusted jeweler when it comes to their colorless and fancy color diamonds. I like the second one out of the three :3.
  3. Here's my diamond collection. Color seems to a good addition.

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  4. My only problem with the diamonds by Lauren is their bands sit high up.
  5. I completely agree. I have never bought anything but think it would be a trustworthy place to buy quality colored diamonds. I also agree on the second ring.

    Burberryprncess- Beautiful collection by the way! Lucky girl! :smile:

  6. Thanks. It wasn't my idea to end up with so many solitaire. The so called diamond shrinkage syndrome made me want to upgrade. The smaller one was from my grandmother for graduation from college.
  7. i have some yellow diamond earring from diamonds by lauren. i love them !! my husband has spoken to the main guy from diamonds by lauren and he is super nice!! always emails us back and answers any questions. I will be buying more from him next year. you should call him amd explain to him what you want. he really is a nice guy to deal with.:biggrin:
  8. Personally I like the first style the best. The ones from Diamonds by Lauren are set too high in my opinion. This just doesn´t look pretty to me.
    I think the quality in the Etsy ring looks fine - why do you mean the DbL are of higher quality? Just curious because I would like too buy a pink diamond eternity too :smile:
  9. DBL is a good seller, with known good quality stones. If it's custom, you can ask that they make it a lower set band. I know nothing about that Etsy seller, so I couldn't advise on whether or not her melee is of good quality or not.

    Alternately--You could see what Steven Kirsch charges for a similar style as well. I'd go with him over Leon in a second if it was between the two.
  10. I like all but the first, because they do not look like pink diamonds, and the third, only because of the channel setting.

  11. Nice solitaire collection ! Like you I have a set of brilliant cut ering, studs & pendent. Love them for their classic beauty!
  12. I didn't know D by Lauren can adjust the height of the band. That would be great if he can do it. I actually exchanged emails with him and he did mention that it would sit higher than my solitaire.

    I haven't look into Steven Kirsch yet.

    It seems like many of the pink diamonds are SI1. Is that OK?
  13. I find solitaires to be easier to mix and match. Studs would be great addition. I once had a pair but one fell off my ears.