Pink Denim

  1. What are your thoughts on the pink denim? Do you think this is a bag I could use during the fall and the winter? I am thinking about gettin a pink mini pleaty. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hey! I have the denim pink speedy and Baggy gm, what is your climate like in the winter? I would NOT where it in the winter or fall in Canada.:shrugs:
  3. I kind of of agree with star, although pink can work wonders against winterblues.
  4. I live in New England so it does get pretty cold in the winter!
  5. I love Pink - I think I would use it more in the Spring and Summer to go with many outfits.
  6. It's pretty but for some reason, I really prefer the blue. I'll be getting the blue mini pleaty eventually.

    But if you like the pink, I'd say get it! If you know you'll love it and use it a lot, go for it!
  7. I also like the blue but I am planning on buying a blue denim speedy so I would like a diff color in th emini pleaty. I have only seen the blue and green denim at my LV. Is the pink a hot pink or lighter thanks!
  8. I've always wanted a fuschia mini pleaty but after seeing so many blue denim bags, I think the blue actually looks better than the pink...
  9. It is a Hot pink (check my collection for true color), it brightens up the face, I find anyway. A flattering bag with the right clothes. I would not get it for all season's though!:wtf:
  10. I have the blue speedy, and love it. Even today, i am wearing it to work.
  11. Star you have the most amazing collection!!! I really like this shade of pink. I would probably only use this bag for going out at night since I use my batignolles vertical for during the day. But I also agree this color is not for all seasons. I am up in the air right now!!
  12. It's a lovely colour. It's sooooo hot in this place that I would carry it summer or winter.
  13. I luuurve it, but I think the blue is more suitable for everything (easier to match !)
  14. pink is a nice spring/summer colour but it all depends on how much you like it, and you can carry it all year along if you want.
  15. i agree! i had purchased the pink mini pleaty when it first came out...but then looked at my collection and noticed that practically all my bags are pink or have pink in them (lining)...i would buy the green or blue. if you don't have a pink bag, then go for it! i like it best in the baggy pm and speedy. :flowers: