Pink Denim or Preforated Speedy?

  1. My dear neighbor wants to buy her first LV bag this week:biggrin: . She wants a with it bag (meaning new style not the regular MG). She wore my Speedy 30 yesterday and loved it--so the Speedy style is what she wants. She is torn between the pink denim speedy and the pink preforated speedy. She is a stay at home mom but a artist on the side. She wears jeans or Lily Pulitzer for dressy occassions. I don't know what advice to give her. I am not a big fan of the preforated Speedy but love the wallet. I love the denim line and want to get the pink shoulder bag for mother's day:lol: (I wish). So if any of you ladies have any of these bags what are your thoughts. I know once she gets one she will be hooked.:biggrin: :biggrin: I am not sure how careful she is with her bags, I mean if you throw them in the backseat of the car all the time will you eventually damage them???
  2. Pink Denim
  3. I prefer the perforated pink speedy @:smile:
  4. Between Those Two ~ Perforated Pink Speedy
  5. Hi,

    I'm new here, but thought I'd chime in...

    My sister-in-law has the new pink denim, and it's pretty gorgeous. In pictures I thought it was too sicky-sweet, but in person it's not at all. Plus, it'll "wear" and fade like your jeans and we both love that idea...

    Just my two-cents...:smile:
  6. pink perfo for me :biggrin:
  7. Pink denim, the perforated speedy is not so very attractive.
  8. pink denim!
  9. Im not a fan of the perforated bags, I say pink denim.
  10. Love love love my pink perf....I will be getting the pink Neo speedy, but I think my love will stay with the the perf....Size wise the perf is ideal. I have the denim neo, it was not my favorite as far as structure. I HAVE to have the pink neo as I wear so much pink I think it will be fun for some of my summer dresses. If I could only have one....perf for sure.
  11. Pink denim-LOVE it! Perf looks like a dog carrier!
  12. pink demin
  13. Pink demin~!
  14. Another vote for the pink denim. So cute for summer!
  15. Pink denim. :o)