Pink Denim Lv

I actually have seen pictures at the LV store near me. Really cute! It's deeper pink than I thought. The SA kinda pointed at a pink (I don't know the right color name) Vernis and said it's similar but lighter and of course, not shiny (duh! it is denim). Anyway, she said that they are coming out in April. I was kinda interested until I realized that it may not be age appropriate...for me anyway. :biggrin:
LV is going to do a pink denim. They are also going to do an olive green denim.

Found these pics of the green and the pink:



The pink looks pretty nice! The green in that photo looks more like a military/olive green. I passed by LV today and they had some of their denim collection and myrtille Epi bags in the window on display. I stopped to stare and the bf dragged me away :lol: They had the cutest denim mules.