Pink cosmetic case

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  1. I just received my first piece of BV! It's the pink cosmetic case from Bluefly -- it's bigger than I expected, but fit nicely in the large Veneta I'm hoping to buy soon. The color, smell and feel of the leather are wonderful! I also love how the zipper goes all the way down each side so it opens nice and wide. It's so nicely made -- I'm thrilled with it!

    Here are some pics:
    bv pink cosmetic (2).jpg side view (2).jpg
  2. congratz. it's such a great color all year round! enjoy it and yes, now you need a large veneta to match this pink beauty!
  3. Yay! Congratulations! Such a pretty pink!
  4. What a lovely piece in a gorgeous colour!! Congratulations!!!
  5. Very nice start to your BV collection! Now we're just waiting on your veneta;)
  6. I like it--the quarzo is a beautiful color. Interestingly, a BV SA told me that magnolia, the lighter pink, was a very difficult color for BV to produce. He didn't say why, but I have a small cosmetic case in magnolia, and the leather doesn't have the usual sheen or leather aroma like any of the other colors.
  7. Simply gorgeous. The color is so pretty!
  8. Congrats, Juliela, it`s such a cute little bag. And don`t be sad you didn`t take the Marquise, another Veneta will find its way into (or better to say onto) your arms...
  9. That pink is so cute!
    I noticed that you are from MI, is that Mercer Island?
  10. Congrats on your gorgeous piece. I love the color! :heart:
  11. Very cute. I see more BVs coming your way very soon. :graucho:
  12. Congrats on your lovely pink case...and a good price to boot! Looking forward to seeing it with your upcoming new Veneta!