PINK Classic Flap...I love pink :)

  1. Can someone tell me more about the Pink small/medium/large classic caviar flap? I have seen pictures of dark pink, baby pink flap & they are lovely. Some with gold chain & some with silver chain. Are they limited edition? & can they still be purchase in the Chanel boutique? What is the retail price of the bag? (before & after the price increase, if available) For those of you who has do you like it? Feel free to post pictures ... ;) Any information will be great! I love to get my hands on one. Thank you very much! :graucho:
  2. A few weeks ago I saw a pale pink lambskin, medium classic at NM, Tysons Corner, VA. Didn't look at the price. Am guessing around $2150.

    I took my pale pink heart chain out yesterday and had to make a quick stop for some coffee creamer. I was zipping past a cart and there was a young girl around 5 or 6 standing up chattering. Since I passed close by and we made eye contact, I said hi, how are you doing? Not missing a beat she replied, I like your bag. I said thanks and continued on but she stayed in my head for a bit. If I hadn't been rushing I probably would have mentioned to her mom about her daughter might consider a career in the fashion industry. What an eye at such a young age (and we're talking WVa here, okay!)
  3. Wow jmen, she's a future fashionista for sure! :nuts:

    HappyAngel - Hi! :smile: I LOVE pink flaps (and flaps in general)!! :love: I recently bought a medium pink caviar classic flap with silver h/w (if you're interested in this one, call NM and have an SA do a search for you - Lisa Hamlin is a well known SA on this board and is very sweet)! :smile: It was released last spring, and It's $1995 now, but unfortunately will be going up to $2395 in a month. NM is really your best bet, and I know there are a few floating around... I had my SA find me several to compare the condition haha. I also have a dark pink ('05 pink) medium caviar flap, as well as a small rose patent flap w/ matte silver h/w haha, so I'm definitely a pink person all the way! :nuts:

    For s/s '08, there are some pretty colored classic flaps (my passion!) being released... colors include pink, light pink, salmon, navy, yellow, etc. If the pink or light pink is similar to the bag I purchased recently, you might think about getting that now as opposed to $400 later. :smile: Here are some pics of my bags:

    Pink caviar medium classic flap with silver h/w (the one I purchased recently and you can probably track down at NM)! :heart:

    '05 Pink caviar medium classic flap with silver h/w (unfortunately long gone... the resale market is your best bet):

    Above bag by itself (and a more accurate depiction of its true color):

    Rose patent small classic flap with matte silver h/w (I actually found it on eBay for a great price)!

    Hope that helps.... I hope you find a pink flap!! :heart:

  4. That's so funny. As a matter of fact, I just purchased one on eBay last night! The pink caviar flap, medium size, from personalshoppers.....It's supposed to arrive tomorrow so I'll post pictures when I get it.
    Let us know when you find one. Good luck!
  5. I love Pink too and am still waiting for a jumbo flap in Pink (hope next season will launch it in Pink)
  6. Minal: Wowser, that '05 pink is incredible.

    I have to confess when I was younger I wouldn't be caught dead in pink. Haven't a clue -- something about it being associated with immature. Eek, another label! With the resurgence of Pucci and the mix of pinks, I'm adding pink for the first time in my life. (Better late than nev-va!)
  7. Wow I love that patent Rose flap! What season did that come out in?
  8. oh gosh, i love the pinks v v v much! Esp the medium and rose ones. drooling away....
  9. HappyAngel - I hope it works out... let me know! :smile:

    jmen - I love the pinks, especially in smaller sizes and in classic flaps of course... I think the fun color coupled wth the classic styling makes it more sophisticated and less "teenagery" or young looking. :p I love the bright colors of Missoni, Pucci, etc., and will never be that person who dresses in head to toe black day in and day out... I love color too much for that! :heart: Better late than never hehe... and your heart chain flap is certainly a TDF way to do pink!! :love:

    javaboo - I got it for a good price on eBay and the box says '01! :smile:

    babevivtan - Hopefully the pinks Chanel does in spring '08 will be just as gorgeous, and you'll be able to get a pink bag! :smile:
  10. fieryfashionist - I really hope so cos I have to stop myself from getting anymore bags this year and so hope to wait out till Jan 08. Help me last that long:ban:!!! It is so hard esp when I am so caught up in this forum daily almost 24/7!:smile:
  11. I love the pink's currently on my wishlist. I'm hoping the spring 2008 pinks will be amazingly beautiful! :love:
  12. I don't have a pink flap, but they do have a certain charm...good luck getting your perfect pink Chanel.
  13. ^^^ congrats on your new pink flap!!!! :yahoo::tup:this is tooooooooooooooooo cute! you always, always wear your flaps so well and cute.....:girlsigh:
    TOOOOOO CUTE!:yes::heart:
  14. ^ Aww, thank you, you're too sweet!!! :flowers: :heart: You're my '05 pink flap twin hehe (and the only twin I know of here)! :nuts: I hope you're enjoying yours, and your gorgeous Medallion tote too!! :heart: :heart: