Pink Chanel what model is it?

  1. The picture is awful, but could someone tell me what is the name or style of this pink caviar bag, I got it from Saks last year, it measures m/l 10 x 9 x 4 and has a outside pocket. I love it but don't know the model name, thanks!
    chanel pink purse.jpg
  2. I forgot to say it has a zipper, it is not open. thanks.
  3. timeless classic

    i call it the zippered grand shopper... if you got it from Saks, then dont you have the box with the name? and id
  4. I think mine is smaller than the grand shopper, Saks geve me a chanel box, but not the box with the item number on it, they are pretty bad down here in Florida about matching the bags with the boxes. Thanks for your reply
  5. well grand shopper is a generic name but its from the same line ... it means big tote! they have a petit one...
  6. Thanks for your information, my bag does not have the leather strap on the shoulder area of the chain like the ones you mention have. Actually, I found the bag, it is model no. A18004 mentioned in the post "Are these still in stores" is the one in the middle top picture but in a different color....this forum is great!-Thanks.
  7. that's so cute;)
  8. :heart: Thanks I love it!