Pink chanel mini

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  1. I love love love my Chanel Pink Mini Caviar GHW~~~♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Gorgeous! do you mind me asking its retail hun ?

  3. Adorable!!
  4. oh goddd so adorable!:nuts:
  5. so cute and sweet! :heart: congrats!
  6. omg so cute!!! congrats ;)
  7. soooo prettyyyy ^o^ Congrats .
  8. It's totally cute with the ghw!! Congrats on a rare find!
  9. lovely find, i love pink
  10. Oh wow.... where & when'd you get that? Sorry to be nosy (sp) but I have been trying to get a girly caviar mini but have had no luck!
  11. Oooo epitome of feminine! :love:
  12. Such a sweet colour, congrats! :love:
  13. Love this hue of pink! So cute and feminine! Thanks for sharing!
  14. absolutely adorable - congrats!
  15. cute, major congratsss!