Pink Chanel cerf tote?


I need more inputs about whether buying a pink chanel cerf tote is a good buy or not. This pink has salmon hue in it.:shame:


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It's a very lady-like bag. Very pretty color for spring, but can you see yourself carrying it for years? If so you should definitely get it!
It would be more versatile in another colour, and this particular shade of pink is maybe a bit 'more' than some of the other shades. But it could work. If this colour works with you, and with your wardrobe and you love it, why not.
I love Chanel. I love the Cerf totes. I love pink. If you love the bag in pink more than the other colors it comes in...go for it! It's about what YOU love!

..and I'm hoping to hit the lottery so I can buy a Cerf! :smile:
I just bought the beige one over the weekend. Saks 5th had the black, beige and the pink out. My fav color is pink. I fall for anything pink. I asked my hubby, 'what about pink' and he immediately said no. The SA, as soon as I heard it said 'NO!' and gave me that serious headshake LOL. The pink on the bag is pretty nice actually but since the tote is decently sized and the pink is not quite muted, it did seem like a huge dose of pink. As long as you don't think you'll get sick of it after a while, I personally think it's fine. I LOVE pink. Oh, did I say that already? :biggrin: I think I might have seriously considered the pink if I was getting a summer bag. But considering the price of the bag, I had to consider the ability to have the bag for a long time and not get sick of and something that was more versatile in terms of color matching w/outfits. HTH!
OMG I'm in love!!!!! I love pink and that color is a pretty classic pink!If (when) I can afford to buy Chanel's, I would get the tote in black the small reissue in grey and that bag in pink! It is beautiful! so different!