Pink Caviar bowling bag OR Pink Chanel Cambon????

  1. hmm i'm in need of pink Chanel!! which one do you guys think i should get? the pink caviar bowling one or the pink cambon tote? i love both!! and i cant decide ! help please!
  2. I would do the caviar bowling one....
  3. Bowling. I think cambon has seen its time in the sun!

  4. I agree!^^^:yes:
  5. Caviar bowling... it's so cute!! :smile:

  6. I agree with everyone, Caviar bowling!
  7. I am looking for a pink one too...but hasn't found one that I like yet. The last time I shop, I was deciding btw the pink tote and perfo white flap...I ended up with the white flap. I would definitely pick the pink caviar bowling in your case! Have fun looking for your pink!:yahoo:
  8. Bowling!!
  9. another vote for bowling.
  10. Thank you girls!! that was my first choice anyway but after seeing this girl carrying a large pink one at the mall :wtf: i drooled haha so i was undecided but now .. baby bowling here i come!
  11. Caviar bowling. =)
  12. definately Bowling. The cambon is overpopulated !
  13. I like Caviar better than Cambon but out of the two BAGS listed, my vote is for the Cambon Tote.
  14. boooowwwwllllinnnnggggggggg! Tired of seeing the cambon lol