Pink & Carey

  1. Sure, she's a little rough around the edges, sarcastic & in your face but I love her! She cleans up pretty well too~
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  2. I love her, too! She really is quite talented.
  3. I really like Pink :smile:
  4. Her new CD is really good too.. I just appreciate her so much as an artist. She is an unconventional beauty, basically had a crappy childhood & clawed her way to the top using her talent. Not daddy's money, fame or name. Just her.. After all that, she seems like a genuninely happy person- I think marriage agrees with her :amuse:
  5. Now here's someone who doesn't pretend to be anyone else except herself!! I like that....(unlike that Avril poser chick).
  6. I like Pink, she's one of the celebs that I would love to have in my party
  7. Saw her live in concert las year and shes awesome!

    I wasnt a huge fan before but the chick has talent!
  8. A few years ago, a friend of mine saw her in a salon...she went up to her and talked with her, said she was nice.
  9. I saw the video for her new song yesterday, I am really feeling it!
  10. I love pink,she is very artistic
  11. She is very down to earth and approachable. :heart:
  12. i love her... she's so true to herself, alhtough she's not a designers type of girl, she don't brag around like that avril girl. and she doesn't have problem with her body or weight, she never hides her big tummy... totally love her

  13. And i think that's the nice thing about her.
  14. a few more of her with Cary on vacation..
    [​IMG] on vacation in Rotondo, Sardinia (06/10/06)
    [​IMG] Pink and her husband
  15. i like her, she's a great singer.