Pink Campana

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  1. I was surfing and came across the Campana in Magnolia. Since we have all seen the Ebano, I thought I'd share a lighter colour to all Campana lovers. Such a sweet girly colour that would be great for summer.

    Note. Pictures taken from
    Campana1.jpg Campana2.jpg
  2. I think this pink is great on the campana! Really lightens up the style.
  3. That's fantastic- I've never seen one in that color before, thanks for sharing ms piggy:p
  4. It's such a beautiful color!
  5. great color!! it's so pretty!
  6. very sweet!
  7. I didn't know the Campana came in the seasonal colors. Magnolia is one of the prettiest colors ever. Thanks for posting!!
  8. so feminine!!
  9. Gorgeous in person!!!
  10. i am so tempted to get this color but so afraid since it's so light. such a gorgeous pink.
  11. I LOVE Magnolia!! :tender: It makes everything so girly and pretty!

    Would be awesome to see a Campana in Magnolia IRL :yes:
  12. Beautiful! Thansk Ms Piggy, is this for sale? You mentioned that you were surfing, the websites, I presume? Can you give us a link? thanks!
  13. Sorry mypolardog, this particular bag is not for sale. It belongs to the writer of Understands from her blog that the Magnolia Campana is likely to be sold out in the US (presumed that you're in US). You could try to email Ana of the Bottega website to see if she could help locate one for you. Good luck.

    Glad to share the photos with everyone. We're all enablers here. :graucho:
  14. Thanks ms piggy, it is beautiful, though. Do you know if they came in the old petra or the poudre? I would love to have one! I saw your description of the difference between old petra and poudre (looks like one is dusty rose, and one is dusty lilac) , but when I went to the BV website, the old petra looks more purple than the sloane posted by haomimi, hers looks more dusty lilac whereas this one looks more purple:

    the top center is the old petra, and the bottom right is the poudre, any thoughts? And just for your viewing pleasure, the sloane in Limo:yes: All three colors are just TDF!
  15. One thing I realised and have posted somewhere in this forum is that the colours (esp the lighter coloured ones) are slightly different depending on the leather used. For example, Old Petra looks different in Nappa and Nappa Umbria. In Nappa (Veneta), it looks brighter and more like a sweet lilac. With Nappa Umbria (Roma, Cabat, Palermo) its darker and has more purple (and a hint of brown). I have yet to see the Sloane (which is Cervo - deer skin) in person, so am not so sure which shade it really is. I suspect is less purple more dusty lilac, like haomimi's. Am not sure if the Campana comes in these colours. Try checking with Ana.

    As to the pictures on the online catalouge, the Cocker in Poudre looks a tad lighter than IRL (prob taken with flash). The Old Petra is more true.

    And tell me about the 3 colours! I already have the Limo (Veneta) and Poudre (Cocker). Yet l still go crazy looking at the other bags posted. I am on the prowl for something in Old Petra too. :nuts: