Pink cambon tote - opinions?

  1. I am a rookie to chanel (love LV:love: ), but reading threads and seeing beautiful pics of chanel bags got me curious.
    So, I went to a boutique and saw a pink cambon tote( I know it's not called a bucket, but it resembled one and could fit on the shoulder) with black CC today. It is very cute! Does anyone own or have any thoughts on this color combo and style?
    After reading about rubygirl's black handles rubbing off on her white chanel cambon tote, I am worried. How do you care for it? It is humid where I come from and I am a little concered. Maybe the handles should be stored in the tote? It's not an inexpensive bag so I appreciate any opinions before I take the dive:biggrin:

    Thank U for your thoughts,
  2. I saw a 20-something blonde girl in the mall last week carrying the Cambon large tote with black CC's and it looked very cute on her.

    Obviously, I love my black one with the black patent CC's. I haven't seen anyone with mine yet. I feel that it's a gorgeous handbag and very classic.
  3. The hawaii boutique has them on sale!
  4. Pink*Petunia: Your bag is TDF! I love the classic black and the patent CC's compliment the bag very well. Thank you for your thoughts:biggrin:

    lainie: Are you serious? I didn't realize chanel went on sale! Thank U!:lol:

    Anyone else like this color combo and style?
  5. I think it's cute! As for the care... I feel the same way.. I have the rectangular bag in pink... and I'm so scared to use it! There are two teeeeeny pen marks on it, and I'm so sad!
  6. Yes-when I called the waikiki boutique I was told that the tote(medium) is 900.00. Only now I'm re-thinking getting one because I'm worried that there are some problems with the cambon line...although I love that cambon bowler I have.
  7. [​IMG]Here is my pink cambon tote. I love it. It is the Med.I've had it 2 weeks or so, & it was not on sale.
  8. Wow that is a big sale for chanel! Do you know if the large tote or pochette are on sale? Is this just for the pink cambon? Sorry for questions, but I didn't know Chanel had sales often!
  9. SALE?????? Chanel?????? Are you sure? I think I'm calling them right after I have my coffee and check my bank account.....
  10. YES gurls SALE.
    i talked to DAVID the manager at chanel waikiki boutique and he told me that the pochette is on sale for 617 or something down from 795 and the bowler is down from 1375 to 1010. he said its because the pink/black line is discontinued and they arent selling well.
  11. oh and its ONLY at the waikiki boutiques, not in the states. as far as i was told.
  12. not much of a sale though because u can get them cheaper on ebay LOL. i was going to get the pochette, but occassionaly you see someone on ebay selling it for 450 in great condition and the bowler as well....they are gently used ones on ebay sometimes for 800.. plus pink isnt my wonder its been discontinued
  13. L1nknp4rk, do you ever see the large or medium totes on there? I don't need a smaller bag, even if it is pink.
  14. All I inquired about were the pochette and the bowler, you may want to call them!
  15. Yes but with Ebay you have to worry about fakes. Its such a widely faked bag.