Pink Cambon Tote...keep or sell?

  1. hi ladies,

    i've a pink medium cambon tote (in good condition). most of the time she's been sitting in her dustbag and now i can't decide whether i should keep her or sell her. i love the pink colour, but don't use her often enough. another issue is that i don't think that i'd be able to get a lot of $$ by selling her.

    what do you ladies think i should do? should i keep her or should i sell her and use the $$ to fund another chanel bag/tote?
  2. If it's just sitting in the closet, I would sell it and use the money toward something else. Maybe you can keep track of the cambons on eBay and see how they're selling. I heard some ppl said that eBay was slow right now.
  3. sell it. Pink does not seem to get much use from you. Get something you will use...preferably a neutral color (black, beige, etc).
  4. Agreed, if it's just sitting pretty in your closet, sell it and get another bag that you'll wear everyday or a diff color that will go with a black, grey, beige bag!
  5. I would sell and buy something new.

  6. since it is not being used ,why not get another one which you'll get a better use of and love more then:yes:
  7. Yeah ebay is pretty slow, I tried selling my balck cambon tote with white cc and the highest bid I got was £260/$520 when I paid £625/ $1250, I did not sell it in the end because even though I hardly use it I could not face such a loss and only have a little change from the sale, which would not really add much onto my bag fund
  8. it's better to buy something you're going to use than just keep the cambon in the closet and not sell it or use it since you're afraid to lose money on it
  9. I would definitely sell her and put the funds towards something else :tup:
  10. i've decided to sell her...thanks for all the suggestions, ladies!:balloon:
  11. I think you would be incredibly surprised how much you would get from it. I have had a hard time trying to find an auth tote and almost all have been over 1k. I actually just got myself a fab reporter cause I got a really really good deal but I was originally looking for a tote. I say go for it! :tup:
  12. Ahhh, I wish I had known. I was seriously dying for one of these bags. My limit was 1k but the ones I found were much more
  13. I would sell it and use the money towards something you can use more often..But like someone said you never get near what you paid for...I ha ve bags i have not use in years, and I tell my BF "one day they will be couture".:weird:
  14. I personally would sell it but I've never been a big fan of the Cambons. If you aren't carrying it, why keep it around?
  15. just thought i'd give a little update...i've sold the cambon tote (at a bargain price for quick sale) and used the funds towards a white caviar e/w flap:smile:. the flap is on the way to me in the post and i can't wait to receive her. even though i probably won't use the flap that often either, i think a classic piece would make a better investment (esp. with the price increases).

    thanks to all of you lovely ladies for the suggestions and opinions!:flowers::flowers::flowers: