Pink Cabas Chyc?

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  1. I prefer neutrals in bags...but am kind of drawn to the pink / blush version of the cabas chyc. Do you think its neutral enough? it just a spring / summer bag or will i get use in the winter?
  2. I have seen it IRL. I would say this is a very summer and spring color.
    Have you seen it in person?
    You should go check it out first before you make the decision. I have the "flamingo" paraty which is pearl pink. I tried to carry it in winter but does not work out very well.
  3. I have the small (mini???) one in this color and I am in LOVE!!!
    I understand using it for spring/summer would be an easy choice,but I also think a light colored handbag against dark coats etc gives the outfit a bit of a boost as an accent. I also love carrying them with my lighter colored coats too. I have been using it quite frequently this fall and the color is very versatile. Works perfectly as a new neutral IMO. I thought about getting the dove beige initially, but I am glad I bought the pink in the end.