Pink BVs?

  1. First time posting in the Bottega forum, I usually am in Dior and LV. :smile:

    I'm thinking of getting a BV soon for myself as a graduation present, I graduate this Christmas.

    Since pink is my favorite color, I'm wondering if BV makes a lot of pink in different styles? If anyone has them, could you please post pics of it?

    any info on pink BV bags, styles would be great, thanks!
  2. the most recent color in this shade is Magnolia. it's a really pale baby pink. i've seen the hobo and tote in this color. really nice and delicate, but too high maintenance if you ask me. Bluefly has a lot of them last month
  3. Hi, Babydoll,

    Welcome! BV did some gorgeous pinks for S/S '07 - Magnolia, a pale, baby pink; Quarzo, a deeper, more saturated and vibrant pink; and Poudre, a dusty pink-lilac. They're all uniquely stunning. I've attached some photos as examples, but this is far from comprehensive. There should be more pics in the BV Collections thread. HTH!
    montaignemagnolia.jpg pinkzipwallet2.jpg poudrejulie.jpg
  4. I Love That Walllet!!! Love Love Love Love It
  5. Wow...this bag is stunning! What's the name of this bag? How much? Is this color still in production?
  6. the name of that bag is montaigne (inspired by the avenue montaigne in paris, where one of bv`s boutiques is located) and the color is, as bete_noire alsready explained, called magnolia...

    it`s pretty much sold out by now but try to contact ana if you´re in the us or your local boutique if you`re in the eu to have them track it down for you, i think they should be able to find one.
  7. Hey, welcome! BV has some stunning pinks. Fall colors include a pinkish-red called Scala. The real pinks are Magnolia and Quarzo as others have said. and Poudre is a different shade--pink with some gray and lilac tones in it.

    Good luck and congratulations on upcoming graduation!
  8. Oh my gosh, thank you all so much for this info! I love the pics posted, the montaige magnolia is to die for. :love: :drool:
  9. We returned a Magnolia Montaigne to BV (Ana) a couple weeks ago.. might still be there.
  10. This one~ pink.. from blue fly...

    I also want to get something either pink/white wallet^^
  11. Bought this quarzo Sardegna from Bluefly. Under $500.
    bottega sardegna pink.jpg
  12. I don't think I ever told you how great that magnolia veneta looks. I keep saying I'm not into pink but that is beautiful!
  13. what is the pink that SJP was photographed with recently?

    i want that color in a wallet or day clutch...
  14. naling has the magnolia montaigne, you can see photos of it from several angles in the post bv story