Pink boy bags...WHICH ONE?

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  1. I bought the small pink boy with matte gold hardware but now I'm having second thoughts :sad: can't decide

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  2. I personally like the shiny light gold hardware. Specifically the reason why I got my boy - cause of the light gold hardware.
  3. I like the shiny light gold hardware! But they are both so pretty.
  4. Are those smalls or old mediums? I like the shiny gold hardware one
  5. Number 2
  6. The 2nd one
  7. Girl i love both?!?! I think they're both equally pretty :heart:
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  8. I might be in the minority here but I love the matte/brushed gold HW so I think you made the right choice!
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  9. are both the same color? is it just the light?
  10. I like the pink color better on the top photo, but might just be different lighting. Either hardware looks nice to me.
  11. Matte gold. More unique.
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  12. Could you tell what season it came from and what the names of the color are?
  13. im not even the one buying it LOL but i gotta agree here!! To me it also has a little bit more Barbie characteristic to it too? it just looks so good with the pink ^^
  14. Matte gold with pink is super dreamy and special