Pink/Blue Waist Prouch

  1. Does anyone know if these color were really made by Gucci? :hrmm:

  2. i have definitely seen the 1st one in blue
    it was on sale last season if i'm not wrong.
  3. Yes to 1st one and 2nd one. THe 2nd one is a classic ( they always hae it) and the white and blue color is from last year spring summer collection.
  4. I have the blue one, miss v is right i got it on sale last season in woodbury commons
  5. Oppps I didn't see the pink and red and green web....THATS A BIG comes in ..

    Blue leather/biege GG with Blue&white WEb
    BEiege GG, Brown Leather, RED and Green WEB
    Black GG, Black LEather, Black web
    Black GG, Black LEather, red green web
    Black Nylon (parinha material) black leather and black web
    Navy BLue GG, Red leather, Red and blue WEB.
    biege GG, ORange leather, Orange and White web

    THese are the ones I can think off my head. I know gucci spits out a few to match their cruise just keep your eye out cause sometime europe gets color canada will never see...or us might get jsut have to track it down!!
  6. Thx alot, the SA in SF told me they will have again the pink and blue coming out this oct, can't wait:yes:
  7. oh cool! is it going to be the same bright pink and torquorise(sp)? thanks
  8. i saw the 1st one(i have a wallet in that colour), but the 2nd one never!
  9. She said she doesn't know but since they are for spring and summer, she said they are probably softer and lighter :cool:
  10. thanks, burukogepanda!!
  11. this question might seem far fetched but is it still available in woodbury commons? and for how much did you get this belt bag? thanks :biggrin: