pink/black classic flats available in BG NYC

  1. just went on a chanel hunting trip in ny this past weekend and saw several pairs of pink classic flats with black CC in BG on sale. Too bad they only have 5 and 51/2. I'd cut off my toes to get those :p
  2. wow, me more toes for me :yes: why must my foot be so big? heheh
  3. I bought a pair of the flats / ballerinas at NM / Beverly Hills last week (beige and black - black toe area with cc ) they were $460 or $490, can't remember....but very cute!!:cutesy:

    Sort of crazy for me - because I am all about the high heel but I think they will be cute with capris.
  4. well.. 5 is really small..
  5. oh, i just need it to be half a size bigger. if anyone spots the pink/blk ones on sale in sz 6, pleeeease let me know! i absolutely love them...thanks
  6. does anyone have pics of these shoes from BG? thanks!!