Pink belt bag - any left!!??

  1. Does anyone know where I can get the pink mini belt bag anywhere??

  2. I was at the Gucci in AC last week and didn't see hardly anything on sale except shoes :sad:
  3. Maybe you could try the outlets. With the new fall stuff out, the remaining sale stuff will be sent there.
  4. Try calling Gucci for a charge send. They sent me one from the Vegas store last week, maybe they have more. Telephone Number- (866) Gucci.00
  5. my dad just picked one up for me at the outlets in NY (woodbury commons)
  6. i think the outlets. try called around.
  7. call
    Secaucus, NJ (201) 392-2670
    Desert Hills, CA (951) 849-7430
    Woodbury, NY (845) 928-8034

    they all have it for $239.. last week i was in the same boat as you!